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Kegel strength training.  The invisible exercise everyone is doing.

Whether you're improving your intimacy game or investing in post-pregnancy wellness, Karis is your new best friend.

Karis sends discreet reminders every day and visually guides you through muscle contraction and relaxation with the goal of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

Don't blame us if you're addicted in no time.  

Available for $3.99 on iPhone.

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Designed for ladies & gents

It's pink. And blue. There are two color themes to choose from. No matter who you are or your reason for kegeling, Karis is something you can be proud to use.


Do kegels anytime, anywhere. On the subway? Great.  Making tacos? Sure. In a meeting? Bring it on. And if your gaze is otherwise occupied, just use the haptic vibrations to guide the way.

Fun to use

Each session just takes a couple minutes. Visual guidance sets the tempo for contracting and relaxing muscles. Your friend, the Kegel Eagle, might even make an appearance to celebrate seven-day streaks with you.

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Created For Everyone

Ryan Brewster - Karis_Onboarding_Routine
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Karis helps me remember to do kegels every day.  I love the discreet reminders and it only takes a minute to do at home or at my desk!

Kegels are no longer a chore.  I really like the animation that guides me through each session.  It's easy to follow along!

Elizabeth E.

Chris C.

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